Rosemary Rex

Rosemary Rex

Rosemary Rex   ¥27,000(excluding tax)

Rosemary Rex is Rosemary's High-end Model

The main feature of this machine is that Marshall 1959 Super Lead and the remodeled Marshall are packed in one unit. 
When the Boost switch is off , 1959 Super Lead intact, comfortable harmonic overtone, low range with thick, juicy middle range, and good high region pop out.

When the Boost switch is turned on , it is in the 60 's remodeled Marshall.

Vintage Marshall reminiscent of the early reconstructed Marshall amp that has a strong sound pressure and a fat and dense gain packed in a well-balanced manner, while retaining a soft texture.

Needless to say the range of the range and the speed of the response. 

" Rosemary Rex " should be able to enjoy the feeling of playing and sound - amp just feeling as if playing directly as connected to Marshall 1959 directly.


Control : (Left to Right)

Upper stage:Treble Bass Lower stage:Volume Gain 

Volume: Adjust the overall volume 
Gain: Adjust the overall distortion and sustain 
Treble: Adjust high frequency distortion and volume
Bass: Adjust low range distortion and volume



External dimensions (length / width / height /): 112 mm x 60 mmX56 mm
Weight: 370 g
Current consumption: 9 VDC / 6 mA 
Built-in battery: 9 VDC (006 P) x 1 recommended (DURACELL ROCELL 9 VDC) 
Power supply adapter (sold separately): 9 VDC, Negative Tips (Regulated recommended)

True bypass