Blackberry JAM

Effector Lab. & Fair Trade Cafe
Blackberry JAM

Blackberry JAM is  Effector Lab.​ with Fair Trade Cafe in Tokyo

Fair Trade Cafe(1F)

The coffee of a fair trade made by a hand drip politely and aromatic tea of bergamot.
And 10 kinds of herbal tea from which effect is different and homemade snack for which the sweetness is scheduled.
Daily, I'm also preparing the menu with a lot of organic vegetables.
Please enjoy yourself leisurely in the store where jazz flows gently.
A topical glucide cut chiffon cake using soybean flour changes and offers to you the kind every day.

Effector Lab. & Musical Instruments shop(B1F)

I keep being particular about sound and pursuing the performance of the world highest level.
The handmade boutique pedal brand  An atelier in Blackberry JAM.
A  builder which are also a guitarist completes by himself from circuit design to making of a substrate and inclusion.
I'll also handle a shop order of the* effector and customer's personal custom order.
        After entering requirements in an order seat, please send.
Line of business
Original handmade effectors
Guitars,Basses, private brand shield, cable selling by the piece, strings,  tuners, straps, original picks and maintenance articles etc.

Musical instrument adjustment (electric guitar and electric guitar base)
* The nut relation  Nut adjustment and nut exchange
* The fret relation  Fret strike adjustment and fret exchange
* The wiring relation  Wiring repairing and wiring exchange of parts
* Exchange of parts  Peg exchange and pickup exchange
* Balance adjustment (handle high adjustment, octave adjustment, neck adjustment and PU balance adjustment)
* Additionally please also consult repairing of machinery and materials any time. Experienced repairing charge will correspond.
Guitar school
It's a personal lesson of a guitarist during a professional campaign at present.
A curriculum is made according to individual's experience and level from a beginner to an expert.
* Please see a School page for more information.
店舗名 Blackberry JAM
住所 東京都杉並区高円寺南1-11-8 コスモヒルズ1F・B1F
TEL 03-6454-6516
FAX 03-6454-6506
営業時間 14:00~22:00
定休日 日曜、第2第4土曜日
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* From Marunouchi line Higashikouenji station, about 3 minutes on foot
* From Chuo Line Kouenji station south entrance, about 15 minutes on foot